These books are one early step to awakening your kids, to help them understand the complex and extraordinary world we live in. It will encourage them to question and ask for truth. Break your kids from the matrix, so they can grow up as informed, open-minded and questioning adults. Help them to lead and choose leaders that have empathy, so that we can all live in a fairer and more harmonious world.

The Awaken-your-kids book series.  Ages 5 - 12 



The Three Tall Buildings ebook is now available here 

I received this by email today (9 May 2014) " I just want to tell you that I have just read "The Big Fat Bank" for my daughter of six. She immediately grasped the idiocy of the bank creating money and lending it for interest. ...... Brilliant!!" Fabian


Your support of the books will keep other books coming.  New books in progress:

Felix and his Bum-Chip

The Brave Little Drone

Saving Hawk, the electric car

The Naked Flyer

 The Girl that came by Boat 

This is a non-profit venture, and earnings from the books will go back into producing more books (and royalties for the wonderful illustrators). So if you have the financial capacity to provide support or maybe would like to fund a book. email us.