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The Three Tall Buildings

That one day that changed everything. Two hijacked planes brought down - not two skyscrapers – but three. Bld 7 collapsed in almost perfect free-fall in what appears to be a classic demolition. So this is about how the huffed and puffed and 'pulled' the baby building down. 

Unlike the other books from the Awaken series which have 'comic' illustrations and are A4 in size, this book is smaller - A5 book – and has hand painted illustrations by a young art student in Lisbon, Mariana Santos (which were then scanned), and words by Dalia Mae Lachlan.

50% of the purchase price donated to ae911truth.org 


The book is for kids - but adults can listen to the  experts (architects and engineers)  or a compilation of videos here at my news blog site (flipsidenews.net) and here