The Big FAT Bank - How the bankers of the Old World started the Big FAT bank, and how they made money out of thin air, then stole it all back from the people. 

Great Monster corn - Mr Pinstripe sold special seeds to Farmer Tom, and then the rats in the barn got sick from the new Great Monster corn cobs.

The Factory that made Guns - Mr. Reedy Power started a gun factory in a beautiful green valley, but to make money and keep the factory busy, he had to start another war. 

The People that refused to be Sheeple  How the elite wanted to turn people into sheeple to control them.

The Three Tall Buildings - How they huffed and puffed, and how they pulled the baby building down.


The Brave Little Drone - How the drone disobeyed presidential orders to bomb the village.

The Girl That Came By Boat - How the girl had to escape her country, and as a refugee had to climb on a leaky boat to get to a better place.

Felix And His Bum-Chip - Felix's parents decided he need to be tracked, but when he grew up, the government started tracking his every move too. 




"Extraordinary and enlightening"                         

"Beautifully illustrated"

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