Dalia Mae Lachlan

Dalia Mae Lachlan (non de plume/pen name for filmmaker Dee McLachlan) is a writer living in Melbourne, Australia, and the force behind Awaken-your-kids books. Having lived on several continents and experiencing different cultures, she says. "I think people are inherently giving and compassionate, but many of our politicians and leaders in business have been corrupted by money and power. When I try explaining some of the corporate crime and political deceit to adults, they find it difficult to take in, whereas kids are open to all possibilities. So as we slide into a world that seems to becoming more like '1984', we need to help the next generation be aware of a world controlled by a global banking (mafia) system, enmeshed with a corrupted military industrial forces. With mainstream media controlled by a few elite players, do we really know what is going on? Or are we just fed what they want us to believe? 

We need our children to be vibrant; to be vigilant in seeking the truth, and be open and desiring of a better world. They need to question, so that there is a hope that we and future generations can start living in a more beautiful and fairer world."

One of my favourite nom de plume stories: Theodor Geisel, was fired from his job as editor-in-chief of a college magazine. However, he kept writing for the humor mag under his middle name — Seuss. Years later, when his first book was published, he added the “Dr.” as a joke - as his father wanted him to study medicine.