What Really Happened. I sent two of the books to Michael Rivero and he kindly posted this from his great website.

The huffed and puffed - news article

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 What Really Happened - article/link

Some people don't like the books (more here)

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"These are books I would highly recommend young children be given, but I expect they will never be allowed into the US as "Sheeple" talks about economic enslavement and "Corn" about GMO. These are well written books, in rhyme, with clever illustrations". Michael Rivero, Home Baked Entertainment 

" I just want to tell you that I have just read "The Big Fat Bank" for my daughter of six. She immediately grasped the idiocy of the bank creating money and lending it for interest. ...... Brilliant!!" Fabian email (9 May 2014)

"I received your books and they are awesome. Love the writing love the illustrations". John (email 5 June 2014). 

We received the books yesterday. The kids had so many questions after reading the books. I was uncertain about how the kids (7 and 5 yo) would respond. However, it is so well presented that they understood straight away. We are looking forward to the release of the next books. Robert  (email 11 June 2014)


Wendy sent these pictures from California