This is a non-for-profit venture, and any support in purchasing these books will go back to writing and producing of more books (plus the royalties to illustrators).


The books here are from a small print run and are glossy A4.

You can search online for PRINT ON DEMAND copies that might be cheaper in your country. Three Tall Buildings is smaller and is A5, but the ebook is available here..

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We also haven't worked out how to calculate the global shipping costs for different countries yet – so it is a flat fee: Single books A$3.99 and 4 books A$12.99, (Australia Post to the US is about A$25, but we are happy to absorb the cost to get the books out).     

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You can purchase THE THREE TALL BUILDINGS Print On Demand here in the US, the UK and Europe. But search online too for better prices.


Books are also available in person at:

Avenue Book Store (Albert Park, Australia).  Booked at North Adelaide. And on Lightening Source.